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A good business plan acts as a road map to take your business in the right direction, a good marketing plan sets the business on the right path and drives it forward.
It is vital to stay connected to the latest marketing trend and expand your audience. That’s the objective of CRETOPIA. Your vision is our mission.
To begin : you need a set of your own brand image, video, copywriting, graphic design, website and social media platform; just to mention a few.
The bonus is, instead of engaging different companies; you just need to look at one place – US !
At CRETOPIA, the synthesis of creativity in utopia, we offer a team of creative minds and technical experts, each with a core strength anchoring a broad spectrum of industry-relevant talents. Each team member brings to the table a specialty of tech-savvy media craftsmanship; all formed under the wings of Blumiz, 90K Studio and Jinpix.

what our services

Graphic Design
Web Creation
Social Media Marketing
Content Writing
Video Directing
Script Writing

what we offer

Now that you have a great product and service to share, how do you want people to know?

Marketing .

At CRETOPIA, we have knowledge and applied experience in the most contemporary marketing tools available today, blending established video production, photography, copywriting techniques, graphic design, webpage design and e-commerce with modern social media marketing tools for maximum efficiency, market penetration, and engagement. You provide, we create. You will see a big shout-out to your product and service and a strong engagement with your brand.

Visuals .

One of the key lessons of effective directing is, “Don’t tell the audience, show them.” People will always remember what they are shown more keenly than they will remember what they are told. Creating a powerful, effective visual can be as complex as crafting a cinematic set piece or as simple as sending a viral message. We want your target audience to experience true visual engagement as we present your brand, your product, or your message in the most captivating and memorable way possible.

Storylines &
Copywriting .

Storytelling is essential to convey a holistic brand experience. A good story creates an inspiration and nurtures the bond between an audience and a brand.

We want your audience to be engaged, feel a sense of familiarity, and build a relationship based on trust. That all starts with quality writing and effective storytelling. With the right words, they can make your ideas burn like a wildfire.

Ready to lift your business to a new height? Kickstart your marketing engine with CRETOPIA now !

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