3inch Tarts = 3inch Patisserie

BY 3inch Patisserie

Introducing: French desserts, the Malaysian way.

When it comes to desserts, Malaysians are a picky bunch (not complaining though), it has to taste good, it has to look good, and it has to not be overpriced. 3inch Patisseries ticked two and a half boxes: The taste, the price, and half of looking good. As for the remaining half, they came to us to make their product look even better via a series of product pictures in line with the launch of their Signature 3 inch tart series.

Our job is to give the tarts an extra touch of French elegance with French elements and colours, while not going overboard with it to the extent that it looks “pricey”. We played with colourful backgrounds, lighting, and props, at the same time keeping a relatively minimalistic look that takes no attention away from the tarts itself.

For the health conscious (or just plain curious) people who always wants to know what’s in their food (yes, we want to reach out to you too), a series of cross-section pictures was taken to show the different layers and ingredients of the tarts. These shots are highly technical, as cutting it wrong may result in an undesirable outcome. We had 3inch Patisserie co-founders Woei Cherng and Audrey to thank for as they were on set to help with the slicing of the tarts. We left the slicing to the professionals, just like how they left the photoshooting to the professionals too.


Project Outcome

3inch Tarts = 3inch Patisserie

That’s what we wanted to achieve with the launch of their signature tarts. As a new brand, it is important to have a product that consumers instantly associates with them. 3inch Patisserie has seen a steady growth in sales as well as followers on their social media since the launch of their Signature tarts, and we are glad to continue our collaboration with more exciting campaigns coming up.

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