BIG Mad Sales calls for Big Crazy Ideas.

by Big Pharmacy

BIG Mad Sales calls for Big Crazy Ideas.

This campaign with BIG Pharmacy saw us produce a video that lives up to the name of the sales it is promoting – BIG Mad Sales. A crazy idea that catches your attention even before you know what the video is about.

Hype creates attention. When you have a huge crowd swarming to a place, you know something big is happening. We are all curious creatures, we want to know what exactly is happening. And when you have a news reporter covering the event, this is surely a headlining event worthy of a news report isn’t it?

Hence this is the perfect opening scene for this video, creating hype and gaining attention. Of course, we are not talking about some real news footage here, but rather we created a mock-up news footage where scenes in front of a BIG Pharmacy is so mad that it’s on the news!

And this is how we want to portray BIG Mad Sales as a sales you wouldn’t want to miss.

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Project Outcome

The Maddest Sales BIG Pharmacy has ever seen.

This video is heavily featured throughout the BIG Mad Sales campaign, creating a huge amount of attention that has seen BIG Mad Sales becoming the biggest offline sales campaign for BIG Pharmacy since the pandemic and Movement Control Order (MCO), and leading to a second BIG Mad Sales within 6 months.

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