A fitting follow up to BIG Mad Sales 1.0.

By Big Pharmacy

Hipster vibes that’s worth the hype.

Following the success of BIG Mad Sales 1.0, BIG Pharmacy has rolled out a second edition of the sales within the space of months. As with the first edition, we have decided to once again go with another crazy idea for the second edition of the BIG Mad Sales.

Sticking to the principle of being crazy, we came up with the idea of producing the video with the use of a green screen. As with all green screen production, it takes a lot imagination and creativity (let’s not forget trial and errors) to perfect a green screen shoot. Nevertheless, it yields incredible results when done right.

To inject some continuity from the first video, we got the same actor as in the first video, but playing different characters in this video. In addition to the original “reporter’ role, he also plays the role of an air force pilot, as well as a pharmacist, a storekeeper and a manager. The challenge, both the pilot and reporter characters appear on screen at the same time!

The result, an entertaining video that entertains audiences and delivers the required information about the BIG Mad Sales 2.0 at the same time.

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Project Outcome

Another successful campaign in the bag.

The video has successfully created hype surrounding the BIG Mad Sales 2.0 campaign, making it a successful sales campaign within a short period after the conclusion of the first one. We have also seen this video garnering over 1.1 views on BIG Pharmacy official Facebook page, which is the highest viewed video on their page to date.

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