From the Streets to the Studio

BIG Pharmacy Pillow Talk

The Journey

A two-part project: A street interview and a FB live session.

We took the streets of Bukit Bintang to conduct the street interview. We kept it as real as possible, with a minimal set up, there is less to intimidate our interviewees. As we walked along the bustling Bukit Bintang with Sarancak, our host for Pillow Talk, it was a challenge to approach pedestrians, as many of them were reluctant to be on camera, more so when the topic is about Family Planning in conjunction with World Contraceptive Day.

We essentially functioned as a news reporter and news crew in this street interview. It took us a while to get the amount of responses we wanted.

The footage we captured in the street interview was compiled into a video, which was shown during their FB live session, featuring Sarancak and a BIG Pharmacist in a talk show style program.

Conducting an FB live session is a different experience altogether. It takes a lot of coordination between the ones on camera and the ones off camera. Yes, planning and rehearsal is key to an error-free live session, which is vital as retakes are impossible in a live session, hence we certainly don’t want any mistakes to go on-air!

THE Scope
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