Exercising will never be the same again!

BY BNC Health

What if you could exercise while sitting down?

Sounds surreal. But it’s what this BNC Health N1 Whole Body Vertical Vibration Machine is capable of helping users achieve.

Health product videos can sometimes be too informative and uninteresting, causing audience to lose interested within seconds. How do we prevent that from happening? This is where we explored our funnier side, creating a comedic skit for the opening scene, along with expressive and exaggerative acting from the talents, and then breaking the fourth wall by interacting with the camera and voiceover. This scene serves as a purpose to catch the audiences’ attention by building curiosity, leading to them watching the rest of the video.

Video production 101: Always catch your audience’s attention in the opening 5 seconds of your video.

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Project Outcome

Exercising will never be the same again!

With the N1 Whole Body Vertical Vibration Machine introducing a whole new concept to exercise, we are glad to have played a part in promoting a healthy lifestyle to the larger audience. The video, presented in two languages, were posted on BNC Health’s Website, Facebook page and Youtube channel, has garnered a total of over 1,300 views.

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