“At Your Side"

by Brother Malaysia

A Brother at your side.

A company with a 113-year history, Brother has been a leading brand that produces quality innovative products in the printing and sewing industry. As their tagline “At Your Side” goes, they have always practiced a “Customer First” approach. Knowing that, it became a priority for us to focus on the appeal towards their customers when Brother got us to produce marketing ads for them. 


In order to better connect with their customers, of whom a large group of them are Instagram and Tiktok users, we figured that a content featuring a trending challenge on Tiktok would very much generate extra appeal and interest amongst them. Considering that there are several influencers to be featured, the trending “Pass The Brush” challenge provide such an opportunity, and have the necessary vibes to go in line with their campaign. 


We made a slight tweak to the challenge, featuring Brother Sewing Machine as the product, and instead of passing a brush, we have influencers pass a T-shirt containing the key message of the campaign “Stay Safe Malaysia”. As a form of togetherness amidst separation during the pandemic, we end the video by having all the individual influencers appearing on-screen at the same time in video collage. 


Apart from that, we have also produced their corporate video which functions as a marketing material to showcase their showroom and products, presenting a clear idea about Brother to their customers, and staying true to their tagline “At Your Side”. 

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Project Outcome

Going strong amidst the pandemic.

With the pandemic causing business to head towards a different, untapped direction, the efforts to connect with customers online have proved to be a strong and effective effort. Seeing so many familiar influencers coming together to deliver a strong message has not only enhanced Brother’s online presence, but it also further reaffirmed their status as a brand with good social responsibility which has seen them landing the “iF Design Award 2021”, given based on the aesthetics, functionality, and environmental performance of the subject.