The Healthcare Relay

BTMC Allied Health Professional

The Journey

The hospital is a complex organization of different departments and personnels, working together seamlessly towards a common goal – to provide excellent healthcare service to their patients.

So how do we connect the different personnel across several departments while emphasizing the impression that they are all working together towards a common goal? The obvious answer is via the journey of a patient.

Well, that’s the obvious, but we don’t want the obvious!

In perhaps a touch of metaphor, we connect the different personnels via the usage of a common object – the patient file.

The patient file acts as a connection across different scenes, each featuring a different personnel doing their part in the hospital, covering a patient’s journey from the diagnosis stage up till recovery stage.

Just like how the relay baton is being passed on from one athlete to another in pursuit of a gold medal in the Olympics, the patient file being passed on from one hospital personnel to another shows how all of them work as a team towards the common goal of excellent healthcare service, staying true to their tagline “Allied Health Professional: Stronger Together”.

THE Scope
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