On-call 24-7

BTMC Anniversary Corporate Video

The Journey

Producing videos for a familiar long-time client is always a welcomed challenge. While it is easy to settle into a familiar formula in cases like these, we always strive to create something different every time.

The hospital is a 24-7 type of place, more so the emergency department, where patients and emergencies may come in at any time of the day. We remember starting our shooting day in the emergency department, recreating a scene of emergency with a “patient” arriving in an ambulance and transported into the Red Zone for treatment.

Though just a recreated scene for our video shoot, being in the ER in-person gave us the almost surreal experience of witnessing an emergency situation first-hand.

In turn, we are bringing the experience to you, through our lenses, via our visuals.

And that, is exactly our mission for this project, which is to showcase the different aspects of the hospital to you, our audience, while breaking misconceptions along the way.

THE Scope
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