Exploring an Unfamiliar Territory

CSN Global

The Journey

As we stare into the dark, gigantic, empty water tank from above, it took us a while to compose ourselves. After all, it’s not every day that we encounter this unfamiliar territory.

Never did we imagine we would one day be required to climb three floors down into a water tank, via a simple monkey ladder that is unprotected on all sides.

But we did.

First, we lower our equipment via a rope and pulley with the assistance of the construction workers. Then, we put on a safety hook (safety first!) and began our descend down into the water tank.

The environment was hot and dusty down there. As we witnessed the workers spraying PU foam on the walls of the tank, we also get to experience the harsh working conditions these workers go through every day.

An unforgettable shoot indeed. And this is just a part of our corporate video shoot for CSN Global, a company that provides various a wide range of thermal insulation services in Malaysia.

THE Scope
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