Not your usual porridge

Dafu Congee

The Journey

Congee, or more commonly known by most of us “Porridge”, can often be misunderstood as plain and bland. Some even regard it as a food for the poor or the sick.

But with the habit of eating out becoming more prevalent these days, porridge has gone from being a simple dish on the dining table of regular family homes, onto the tables of chain restaurants in shopping malls and commercial areas, turning into a much fancier dish in the process.

Dafu Congee is a new chain restaurant in Malaysia, serving various varieties of congee, along with various side dishes, making it a true delicacy widely accepted by most Malaysians.

With a new outlet of Dafu Congee opening for business, we got the opportunity to work with them on their menu, conducting a photoshoot for their wide varieties of congee and various side-dishes.

As with all food photoshoots, the photos produced has to look “tasty” to the eyes. Hence our job is to ensure their delicacy looks every bit as “tasty” to the eyes as it is to the tastebuds.

THE Scope