Going big with Big Big e-Sale!

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Going big with Big Big e-Sale!

Big Big e-Sale is an annual online sale by Big Pharmacy e-Store. With purchase patterns shifting towards online purchases these days, sales like these are taking extra prevalence. Here comes the key question, with so many online sales these days, how do we stand out from the rest? When Big Pharmacy came to us with the task of producing an online promo for their 2021 Big Big e-Sale campaign, we wanted it to stay true to its name, which is “Big”. Of course, there are many ways to interpret the word “Big”, our involved producing a video that’s so exaggerating that it catches the eye and leaves an impression long after audiences watched it. Hence we came up with a love story involving a couple, only for the female lead to choose the Big Big e-Sale over the male lead, creating the outrageous impression that Big Big e-Sale prevails over anything else. As a story like that involving a young couple is too mainstream, we decided to go one step further by having a middle-aged couple as the leads to give the video an extra comedic effect that audiences will remember. Such characters also go in line with Big Pharmacy’s branding of being a pharmacy for everyone. 

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Project Outcome

Endearing to the hearts of many.

With such related, everyday characters in the promo video for Big Big e-Sale, it has endeared to hearts of many. This campaign has further cemented Big Pharmacy’s branding as a pharmacy for everyone. As recognition for their achievements, Big Pharmacy has also been named as one of four inaugural winners by Deloitte PLT as Malaysia’s Best Managed Companies in 2021.