Good People Good Deeds

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The Journey

A meaningful job that took us from Malaysia to Singapore.

It started with us receiving a call from a familiar client. A short briefing and discussion is all it took to convince us to take up the challenge of our very first overseas project.

We remember packing our bags, full of equipment in addition our personal belongings, and off to Singapore we head.

The first round of shooting involved a 4 Days 3 Nights visit to Singapore, during which we visited the less glamorous parts of the small but highly developed city-state. We saw a different side of Singapore. Not the one we are used to. People of the less fortunate who has fallen through the cracks in the society, struggling with life in a way we could hardly relate to.

Then we meet the heroes who stood up and make a difference. They are from all walks of life, with a shared mission to make their country a better place. We saw how they ensure that nobody is left out in the society, by providing the help and provisions to those in need.

Through interviews with their founder and key members, we heard their stories, and in turn we want their stories to be heard by more people via the videos we produce.

The videos were shown on the big screen during their appreciation night. A night which we were also present to capture the moments. Seeing the happy and grateful faces that night, we knew the sense of achievement belongs not only to them, but to ourselves as well.

It was a formidable project that took months to complete, but we know the outcome is all worthwhile, because we know that while we are working with Hao Ren Hao Shi (“Good People Good Deeds”), we ourselves are good people doing good deeds as well.

The Scope
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