How about some Tong Sui today?

BY Leong’s Sweet Dessert

Nostalgic memories you could reminisce…

Sweet desserts, or commonly known as Tong Sui, are a fond memory for lots of us. There’s nothing better than a bowl of nice Tong Sui after dinner, isn’t it?

The challenge of a photoshoot for such a familiar product is to create a theme that make Leong’s Sweet Dessert stand out among other Tong Sui brands. Hence after thorough research, we decided to create a brand image for Leong’s Sweet Dessert that is nostalgic yet classy at the same time. In short, pictures that invoke childhood memories.

This involves sourcing for the right props: Classic style bowl, spoon, table mat, and tabletop. The respective raw ingredients use in each dessert pictures emphasizes that Leong Sweet Dessert uses original and natural ingredients in their desserts. Last but not least, let’s not forget a key element that gives the pictures a true nostalgic look: Low angle lighting that creates light and shadow.


Project Outcome

How about some Tong Sui today?

This series of pictures functions as part of a revamp of Leong’s Sweet Dessert’s Facebook page, giving it a standardised outlook. Leong’s Sweet Dessert has seen a steady growth over the period since this revamp, opening several new branches across Klang Valley.