Hipster vibes that’s worth the hype.

Momo's Kuala Lumpur

Hipster vibes that’s worth the hype.

Building on the success we had with the video we produced for their sister hotel, The Chow Kit – an Ormond Hotel, we had the opportunity to also produce a video for Momo’s KL.

The two hotels side-by-side in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, but Momo’s KL have a completely different vibe and target market. Young, trendy, chic, colourful, hipster and Instagrammable. Just some of the words used in the brief we received from them prior to the project.

We made use of their vibrant and colourful interior, creating a hipster vibe that caters to their target audience. The POV shooting style is also used in parts of this video, giving viewers the Momo’s KL staycation experience from a first person’s perspective.

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Project Outcome

One for the Instagram!

With its colour and hipster vibe, the video was used as Momo’s KL’s ads on Instagram, reaching the group of people in their target market. Momo’s KL was also proudly named one of the 52 Places to Go by The Ney York Times in 2022.

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