Diabetes: The Journey to Recovery

Resurge DM


One of the most interesting aspects about our job is that we get to meet people and listen to stories we otherwise wouldn’t get to.

This project brought us to Johor Bahru and Seremban, into the homes of Atiya and May, a diabetes patient and an immediate family member of a diabetes patient respectively.

Thanks to Resurge DM, a nutritional beverage suitable for diabetics, we get to see and listen first-hand about the struggles of diabetes patients and how they cope with life after diabetes.

Through their stories and experiences, we understand that although diabetes is a significant life-changing illness, not all hope is lost. Atiya and May’s stories show how there is life after the illness after all.

As we focused in-depth on how Resurge DM helped with their battle with diabetes, we ought to also educate the public about the illness and how to cope with it, presenting a positive outlook albeit the challenges and struggles.

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