A memorable international collaboration

RSD - Future Nurse Leaders Training Program

The Journey

One of the most interesting challenges about this project is having to collaborate remotely with the team in Indonesia.

As the RSD Group owns hospitals in both Malaysia and Indonesia, thus their Future Nurse Leaders Training Program involved participants from their hospitals in Malaysia and Indonesia.

We covered the Malaysian portion of the shoot, while their Indonesian marketing team covered the Indonesian portion. However, as footages from both shoots will be combined into one single video, it is therefore vital to have the contents from both sides align with each other.

To achieve that, we made sure to develop and provide a clear set of guidelines and references with regards to our vision of the video. This also helped to ensure a smooth workflow for both us and their Indonesian marketing team.

This is a meaningful project in many ways, especially seeing participants of the program sharing their experience and how the program helped them develop their leadership qualities, it’s a pleasure to document and be a part of their journey.

THE Scope
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