A great first collaboration with a great brand.

Samsung Washer Launch

A great first collaboration with a great brand.

This is our first collaboration with SK magic and Samsung, two household names in the home appliances market. Producing the launching video for their washer and dryer has been a challenging but fun project.

This video sees the combination of a product explanation video and a sketch. We have the host and talent in seemingly separate storylines, but interacting with each other in certain scenes, and even breaking the fourth wall to interact with the viewers of the video, an interesting concept that we played around with to great effect.

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Project Outcome

Informative + Interesting = Successful Launch Video

We are tasked to make this video informative yet interesting at the same time. We are glad to have did just that. The key information about this new washer and dryer is delivered in a lively manner, where audiences find the scenes in the sketch very relatable to their daily lives, and hence, successfully introducing the products to the local market.