Celebrating Cretopia’s first TVC!

SK magic TVC

Celebrating Cretopia’s first TVC!

We were truly exciting when we got the opportunity and trust of our regular client – SK magic, to produce a TVC for them. This marks a milestone project for us, being the first TVC we produce.

Of course, that meant a challenge and learning curve for us as a team. After a successful collaboration with the technical crew from Online Image in a previous project, we once again turned
to their expertise in the execution of this project.

The job brief from SK magic was simple, recreating their Korean 15 second Dishwasher TVC, with Malaysian colours and flavours. Sounds straightforward enough? But the truth is the opposite because it involved recreating the shots (including a highly technical seamless transition at the beginning of the video), colour, theme and look of the original Korean video, while adding a Malaysian twist with the kitchen set, props (food) and outfits of the talents in the video.

When it comes to TVC, it’s all about the eye for detail. All that makes it even more challenging and exciting throughout the production of this video.

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Project Outcome

Introducing an all-new approach to dishwashing

For decades, we Malaysians are used to handwashing our dishes. What if we could now free our hands from dishwashing? That’s the key message of this TVC. With this TVC being featured in line with the launch of SK magic Triple Care Dishwasher in Malaysia, it is expected to change the way Malaysians approach towards dishwashing, one family at a time.