A “beefier” video, literally.


A “beefier” video, literally.

A couple of years back, we produced a video for Vantador, a restaurant famous for their beef steaks. We are glad to have returned for a second video, this time around introducing their new range of steak, the Simmental.

Like the previous video, we worked with famous food blogger Monica Tindall as our host for this video. As with all food videos, the challenge is to make the food look as good on video as it tastes. When it comes to beef, especially with the different marbling in different types of steak, it takes proper lighting and angles to truly show the differences between the steaks.

Apart from the food, the ambience of a restaurant is what gets diners visiting as well. We have also incorporated more shots of the ambience of Vantador in this video, portraying Vantador as a restaurant that offers the complete dining experience.

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Project Outcome

Introducing the new steak in town – the Simmental!

This was the title for the video used by Vantador when posting the video on their official Facebook page, and the video achieved exactly that. With host Monica Tindall delivering her verdict after tasting the Simmental steak in addition to Wagyu and Rubia Gallega steaks, audience get to know the insights of how this Simmental steak is unique and different from the others.

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