Boosting your kid’s immunity with
Vitahealth Kids Supergum!

by Big Pharmacy

Boosting your kid’s immunity with Vitahealth Kids Supergum!

We were given the brief to produce a lifestyle video for BIG Pharmacy’s Vitahealth Kids Supergum product. With that in mind, we came up with the idea of having a scene that features pair of mother and daughter, going through their daily life, where the daughter consumes the Kids Supergum in the scene. The mom then breaks the fourth wall to deliver a testimonial to the viewers about how the product helped her daughter.

In order to better convey the benefits of the product, we had a pharmacist explaining more in the video about the nutritional values of the Kids Supergum and how it helps in the growth and development of children.

This video also marks a breakthrough in our long-time collaboration with BIG Pharmacy as this is the first lifestyle content we produced for them, making a shift away from the conventional product videos we regularly produce for them.

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Project Outcome

Exploring further possibilities with a familiar client.

The production of this video has seen us explore a different style of videos for pharmaceutical and supplement products, making the videos less boring and more lively. The client is clearly satisfied with the outcome of this video, and we have since produced more lifestyle and creative contents for them after the completion of this video.