What defines luxury?

By Kingkoil Malaysia

What defines luxury?

That was a question we repeatedly asked ourselves when we first tap into this project with KingKoil, a luxurious mattress brand. As their product tagline goes, “Discover the world with the luxurious hotel mattress”, we wanted to create a commercial that fits their product, the KingKoil Luxury Hotel Collection 3.0, while highlighting the key USPs along the way.

Therefore a huge emphasis is put on the visual aesthetics of the video, no easy task given that this includes various aspects, including:

  •  Locations that appear luxurious
  •  Wardrobe and costumes that fit the luxurious theme
  •  Props that add to the aesthetics
  •  Lighting that creates the right mood and tone
  • And last but certainly not least, a camera and cinematographer capable of capturing the best visuals

All the above are vital to create the look we want to achieve with the video, any missing pieces and the others would fall like a domino so to speak.

Therefore, we took things to the next level by collaborating with several experienced professionals in this project, including a technical crew, cinematographer and gaffer from Online Image, as well as wardrobe stylists and makeup artists. This marks a breakthrough for us, with the collaboration with specialized personnel for each role in the project, we certainly upped the efficiency and quality of our work!

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Project Outcome

Maximizing our potential with good teamwork.

We all know the importance of teamwork. But this project is one where we truly witnessed first-hand how much we can achieve with good teamwork. As this is a huge project coupled with high expectations from the clients, we needed everyone to be at their best. We are proud that our good work is reflected in this video that showcases the luxurious KingKoil Luxury Hotel Collection 3.0 mattress.

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